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He broke that spell when he contested

 Mr Achuthanandan was then 82, but today Mr Vijayan is much younger at 72. He understands the needs of a progressive and secular State like Kerala," says CPM State committee member M V Jayarajan. "Mr Vijayan never plays to the gallery.Mr Vijayan was elected to the Assembly from Koothuparamba by a slender majority of 743 votes China wholesale solar hybrid inverter when he was 26. A member of the party politburo, Mr Vijayan has been a pragmatic Leftist. In office, he may not be like his predecessor, Mr Chandy, keeping the office open to all and sundry. His long innings as the State party secretary and his induction into the politburo, barely at 55 years, have made him popular beyond the Vindhyas.

He won Koothuparamba Assembly seat after the Emergency in 1977. He broke that spell when he contested and took over as the power minister.Mr Vijayan is among the few politicians who answer the phone and call back if he had missed it. One is the perpetual dissident, the other is the loyalist.He graduated from the Government Brennen College in Thalassery and debuted in student politics by becoming the state secretary of the Kerala Students’ Federation and graduated as the state secretary of the Kerala State Youth Federation. A makeover bid was on as he tried to mix with children and assorted groups. He won all subsequent election contests till 1977. Mr Vijayan was in jail for one-and-a-half years during the Emergency and that steeled his resolve to fight authoritarianism through the ballot. If not at party meetings, he takes time for meeting friends and for movies.

Threate-ning strict action against those indulging in theft of electricity, power minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday said that "industries" and "big people" are the ones involved in the pilferage and not the poor people. Farmers don’t do it because they get it cheap or free power."Bribes are offered to linesmen and department officials, and may be polit-icians are also involved in it," Mr Goyal said here at the two-day conference of power ministers of states and Union territories.He said: "I would like to mention that this is not the issue concerning the poor people.". This was in the year 2002 and Modi faced criticism. Poor persons are not involved in the theft. When Prime Mi-nister Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, in the first year itself he began a crackdown on electricity theft.

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