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The company asserts that the power bank is powerful

 The power bank can charge multiple devices simultaneously as it offers 3 USB charging ports.Quantum Hi-Tech has unveiled a leather finished 10000mAh power bank, that comes equipped with three USB ports. With several advanced safety features, the Power banks uphold against overcharging and wholesale power inverter for sale short circuits keeping the devices safe all the time.With a maximum output of 5V-2AMPS and conversion rate up to 80 per cent, the power bank adapts to the connected device when in use.The company asserts that the power bank is powerful and durable with the built-in Li-polymer battery cell, and the intelligent circuitry provides safe long-lasting charging performance. Quantum further claims that with RISC Micro Processor Controlled for fast charging and enhanced battery life cycle, the power bank allows 500 times charge-discharge cycle for continuous use.

 Reliance Infrastructure (RInfra) on Wednesday said it has completed the Rs 18,800-crore deal for sale of its Mumbai energy business to Adani Transmission, which will help it pare debt by two-thirds to Rs 7,500 crore.38 crore.The RInfra scrip gained 3.Last week, Reliance Infrastructure had defaulted on payment of redemption of non-convertible debentures (NCDs) amounting to Rs 133. RInfra has tied up with Italys Astaldi to build the 10-km sealink in the western suburbs of the financial capital.The company had called a board meet on Wednesday to approve the transfer of Mumbai power business to Adani Transmission, after receiving the regulatory approvals.80 a piece on the BSE today, against a 0. The company had, however, said it expects to make these payments in the next few days from the proceeds from of Mumbai power business to Adani Transmission.

Oddly, few do that, due to the huge personal, family, religious, gender, class, race, national and other biases drilled into our minds.In the age of alternative truths and post-truth, some say it’s useless to talk about truth. There is then this urge for more power and wealth, which soon brings us into conflict with others seeking them too, leading to constant conflict locally and globally. Luckily, those discords don’t affect our daily lives, even though there are few social issues all social scientists agree upon. Scientists broadly agree about earthly physical laws.Pursuing truth endlessly doesn’t bring one into conflict with others. But it’s actually more critical to define, diagnose and defend truth now.

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